Emerald Package (interior only)

Complete Vacuum All surfaces (dash, gauges, steering wheel, door panels, vents, center console) Carpets, floor mats, and seats are cleaned Leather seats are exfoliated and conditioned Mirrors and glass cleaned All vinyl and plastic surfaces dressed in a UV protectant

Ruby Package (Emerald & exterior)

Includes both Emerald & exterior Packages to achieve a complete package offering both decontamination and protection for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Exterior: Foam pre-wash followed by a hand wash Wheels, wheel wells, and tires deep clean Wheel chemical decontamination (removing brake dust, iron filings, and environmental fallout) Glass cleaned Application of a synthetic sealant or a high-grade carnauba-based wax Plastic trim is coated in a UV protectant Tires dressed

Royal Diamond Package

Ruby package PLUS: One-step paint correction with a machine polish (up to 70- 80%+ correction). Application of a synthetic sealant.

Monthly maintenance package (Interior & Exterior)

This package is after a Ruby Package has been completed. This package includes Emerald (interior) & Sapphire (exterior) packages. It is to maintain that new detail to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition!

Carpet Pearl

Shampoo and/or steam clean carpets

Seats Pearl

Shampoo and/or steam clean seats

Odor Removal

Headlights Pearl

The headlights are wet-sanded to remove all failing materials. Upon removal, the headlights are compounded and polished to restore maximum clarity. They are then coated to ensure longevity.

Disinfectant treatment

We can add a layer of protection for you and your family.

Paint chip repair

Dye Trim Pearl

Wash/wax Pearl

Additional charge for extra large vehicle

For extra large vehicles there is an additional fee.